Practice Areas

TS Law Office in association with Keumseong Law Firm


Banking and Finance Law

Personal loans to corporate business deals such as Bank Lending, Property Finance, Project Finance, Acquisition Finance, and Assets Finances.


Business law/commercial Law

Business law/commercial Law Tax law; Bankruptcy law Employment law


Construction/ Public-Private Procurement Laws

Construction laws, Anti-Corruption laws, procurement related Laws, etc.


Foreign Direct Investment and Joint Ventures

Corporate setup procedure and documents; and technology license agreements, Counseling on governmental approvals, registration and compliance with formalities and statutory procedures; Enterprise restructuring, dissolution and liquidation.


Real Estate/Property Law

Including issues such as the purchasing, financing, development, management, construction, leasing, and sale of residential and commercial property. Land management and registration and land rights in Indonesia.


Intellectual Property Law

Including Copyright law; Trademark law; and Patent law and franchising law

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