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Tarigan Saudaranta (TS) Law Office is a law office specializing in Indonesia-Korea legal-business matters. We have extensive experience in resolving legal issues that necessitate a deep understanding of Korean and Indonesian culture and law. Our areas of expertise are dealing with Indonesia migrant workers in Korea, investment in Indonesia/Korea, immigration issues in Korea/Indonesia, corporate matters related legal services to Korean/Individual firm as well as Indonesian Individual/Firms.

We have qualified lawyers in our firm who are well-versed in both Indonesia and Korean law and culture. We assist the businesses by mediating or connecting our clients to potential partners in their respective nations. TS Law Office has an extensive network of law firms and strategic partners, allowing us to effectively collaborate for the benefit of our clients or mediate in situations where there is a need in specialized areas of finance, securities, or intellectual property, or market research, background checks for investments and corporate acquisitions, and any other areas that only known by local experts.

“Common sense often makes good law.”

William O Dauglas

“A lawyer without books would be like a workman without tools.”

Thomas Jefferson

“Opportunities don’t happen, you create them”

Chris Grosser

What Can I Do for You?

Are you planning to open a company in Indonesia or Korea? Need advice which visa to apply in Indonesia or Korea?  Need information or a hand in handling your legal issues in Indonesia or Korea and many more.

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Drop us an email or a message, tell us about what help do you need. 

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Related to visa , legal document issues, establishing a new company in Indonesia or Korea, Tax reports, etc.

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